Filipino Chicken Adobo


1/2 kilo of Chicken, cut in medium size
50 ml of soy sauce
50 of vinegar
pepper medium crushed
4 bay-leaves
half clove of garlic
1 onion
1 potatoes (optional) cut into 4 pcs

Make 4 servings


  • Boil the chicken first for 30mins to get the chicken stock and make the chicken tender. Do not add to much water, so the stock can be concentrated in flavor.
  • After boiling the chicken, on a different frying pan, slightly fry the chicken and remove immediately.
  • Next, after frying the chicken remove some excess oil in the frying pan, and then saute the garlic, onion.
  • Next add the chicken stock, and the soy sauce and vinegar, you can add some soy sauce and vinegar, depending on your taste.
  • Then add the chickens and let it simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Next is to add the pepper and bay leaf, and let it simmer again for 5 minutes or until the water becomes thick.
  • Add to potato if it is to much salty.

Tip: Maybe you will find it disgusting but it is delicious indeed, you can add some chicken feet to make the much thicker and much tastier.  You can also add chicken liver, and pork. Try this it is so much delicious.

I will feature some Filipino dishes again next week.  Thank you so much.


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